We Lend Money when the Banks won't

Introducing the

Consumer Advantage Loan


We Specialize in paying off Collection and Past Due Accounts

Once these collections are paid off you'll:

  • No longer receive all those phone calls
  • See your credit begin to get better
  • No longer have to worry about your creditors taking you to court
  • No longer have to worry about your creditors Garnishing your Wages

Best of all.......

We Don't Lend Based On a Credit Score

As long as you have stable income

Chances are Great You'll be Approved!!!!

We'll look at your budget to determine what time frame you're able to pay the loan back --- there are NO set time periods, but generally these loans are made over a 1 - 4 year period.

While your credit report will be examined to verify your obligations, the actual score is of secondary importance.

We even have early payoff incentives.


How Can We Do All This?

Simple..... It's OUR money, so WE get to make the rules.


Who We Lend Money To......

Our Ideal Borrower is someone who has experienced some sort of hardship such as job loss, medical, divorce, company downsize, etc...

This hardship caused them to get behind on their bills. We know that once you're behind, it's very, very difficult to get caught back up again.

If your situation has now stabilized (back to work), but are unable to get caught back up, we can help.


We don't loan money to a credit score... We loan money to good people with integrity. Sometimes bad things happen to good people..... and we believe those people just need a chance.


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